We are committed to exceeding and improving upon the specifications of the OEM Major Manufacturers of Air Compressors in North America Trust KELTEC Technolab KELTEC Refrigerated Dryers actively remove condensate to achieve extremely dry compressed air


KELTEC Technolab separators set the standard for oil removal

Refrigeration Separators

KELTEC Technolab has the longest history of successful oil separation technology for this field

Air Filters

KELTEC’s Air Filter product line covers a full range of products to handle virtually any flow rate and operating condition

Oil Filters

KELTEC Technolab oil filters are made from the highest quality materials and workmanship

Lube Oil

KELTEC offers a full range of options, designed to match the most difficult compressor application

Coalescing Filters/Housings

KELTEC Technolab coalescing filters provide the highest level of clean, compressed air with a minimum loss of energy

Compressed Air Dryers

KELTEC Technolab dryers are one of a kind in terms of quality, ease of functionality, and price


Chicopee separator design achieves an exceptionally efficient level of oil removal


KELTEC offers various desiccant options for your air compressor lines

Water Separators

KELTEC Technolab water separators have been designed for the removal of bulk liquid water and a significant portion of particulate from compressed air and gases

Panel Filters

KELTEC offers high quality and high efficiency panel filters and HVAC interchanges for all manufacturers

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Our Masia team work 24/7, Ordering from us simplifies the process and eliminates the need to work with multiple suppliers


Filter Cross Reference Guide is now filterable by OEM Number, KELTEC Item Number and Air Supply Part Number.


Our Masia team work 24/7, Ordering from us simplifies the process and eliminates the need to work with multiple suppliers


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KELTEC Technolab is committed to the quality of both products and services to all customers.

Under our ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System, we are always striving to provide consistent, quality products as well as quality methods. Our commitment to quality guarantees that KELTEC filters will meet or exceed the specifications and performance of the OEM, and further, that customers replacing OEM filters with KELTEC Technolab filters will experience no filter-related difficulty.

KELTEC Technolab guarantees that the filters in which we produce are free of manufacturing defects in workmanship or materials. If the filters are used as intended by the equipment manufacturer and KELTEC Technolab, with proper service intervals, KELTEC Technolab will guarantee the performance of their filters. Should a product failure be the result of a manufacturing defect of KELTEC Technolab, it will be replaced and returned to the customer in the original condition that existed prior to the use of the subject filter. Such claims must be reported to KELTEC Technolab within 30 days of observation, and KELTEC Technolab reserves the right to inspect and test the filter in question.

Ed Kaiser,

KELTEC Technolab, INC

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